Artist Steph Pogas

Steph is an artist located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a background in painting and education. In 2021, Stephanie was inspired to take her work in a new direction and began creating stationery goods and stickers to sell on Etsy and at local markets. Since its inception in 2021, S Pogas Art has grown exponentially and Stephanie's products can now be found in 4 retail stores across Pennsylvania.

Stephanie has experience in a range of media, however she gravitates towards oils, watercolors, and photography. Much of her 2D work is inspired by her own photography. Stephanie's portfolio  is inspired by her fascination with all living things and passion for the beauty of nature and the human figure. 

When she is not painting, drawing, and designing, she enjoys spending time with her family, curling up with a good book, going on walks, or spending time at her local coffee shop.